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I have the Zynq 7000 board (Z-7010), i have built a basic led counting program in Vhdl.

I'm trying to make this program boot by itself without Vivado.

I'v found  a few ref guides on this site and other sites and preformed this steps:

1. Open "Bitstream Settings", check "-bin_file*" checkbox and click OK.

2. Click on "Generate Bitstream" to generate your bit and bin file.

3. Open "Hardware Manager -> Open Target -> Open New Target..."

4. Add your memory. For this, right click on device (xc7a35t_0) -> Add Configuration Memory Device -> write on Search " S25FL128S" choose  the 3.3V single version -> click OK

5. Right click on the flash memory -> Program Configuration Memory Device -> add configuration file (.bin file) -> click OK

then i placed the jp5 jumper on the 2 middle pins(Qspi).

after reset or shutdown of the kit nothing happened.

when i program the kit throw Vivado with the same bin its working until reset.

What more should i do in order to make this work permanently?


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