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Unable to Install Waveforms 2015 on Linux



Running 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 and having trouble getting the .deb file to work to install Waveforms 2015. When I open the .deb file and click install, I see a progress bar briefly (<1 second) and then it disappears and the installation process doesn't start.

Is this an issue on my end or with the .deb file on the website?


edit: Having the same issue with Adept 2

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Hi @jlauer,

I have moved your forum thread to section where more experienced Adept 2 and WaveForm 2015 forum members look. I had a similar issue when installing Waveforms 2105 on my Ubuntu 16.04 VM. I had to install the Adept 2 runtime file first and then Utilities and WaveForms 2015 would install.



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