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JTAG HS2 to program Xilinx on custom board from Fedora


Dear all,

I would like to buy JTAG HS2, but I have the followings doubts:
1. is it recognised by Fedora?
2. does it support debugging?
3. does it work with urJTAG?
4. is it compatible with openOCD?


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Hi @gm_,

1)Yes you will need to download the Runtime and Utilites for Adept 2. In linux Adept 2 does not have a GUI but it can be used with the Adept SDK. The command "djtgcfg enum" should show you the JTAG-HS2.

2) Yes is supports debugging. In the reference manual under section 3 Design Notes it discusses any device that functions as a debug and test system (DTS) to provide a pull-up bias on the TMS and TDO pins. 

3) You will need to reach out to urJTAG. We have no information about urJTAG. Looking at their support threads here it appears that it support the JTAG-HS2

4) You will need to reach out to openOCD. We have no information about openOCD. Looking at GitHUB here appears that it support the JTAG-HS2. As well as on their website here.

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