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pmod Nexy DDR4


Hello I understand there is a pmod VGA which can work with the Nexy DDR4 board, because of the built in circuit on the board which can drive the VGA. 

Is there a pmod compnent which can be use to drive visuals through either a LVDS,DVI or RGB


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Hi @OCI,

The Pmod VGA will work on most of our FPGA boards due to the FPGA's capability of driving a fast parallel data bus in order to properly drive a display with the Pmod VGA along with having the available I/O.  Unfortunately, we currently do not have a Pmod that drives LVDS, DVI or RGB. We do have the Pmod LVLSHFT here that allows you to use different logic levels but it will not allow for high speed communication like LVDS. I am not aware of any Pmods in development that would facilitate LVDS, DVI or RGB.

thank you,


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