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Set Run Time of Pattern with script

Go to solution Solved by attila,


I'm using WaveForms2015 version 3.6.8

In the help files it specifies .Run.value under patterns yet it appears to be undefined:



my script:

var AAtemp=Patterns1.Run.value;

and the error message I receive:

Error in line: 1

TypeError: Result of expression 'Patterns1.Run' [undefined] is not an object.


I would like to set the run length of the pattern via script. How can I go about this?

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Hi @Frederick Doering

First of all let me highlight the following: The Script tool is intended to automate some operations, to extend the GUI features. There is no need to set up all the interface from Script, the Script is saved together with other instruments in workspace. What can be done in the GUI, is easier to do there, like: setup channels, naming, static configuration... Then, use the Script to adjust parameters that need to be changed, write log... like: changing PWM duty based on some scope measurements.

The indentions are not shown correctly in the WaveForms help tab. Please open the help in browser, Help menu/ Browse.

The Run is the child of States:

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