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Hariprasad Bhat

SPARTAN 3E 250K based BASYS2 board



I got a spartan 3E 250K based BASYS2 board from one of my friend. But unable to use it since there is no documentation available. Can you provide me with the schematics of spartan 3E 250K basys 2 board (spartan 3E 100K basys 2 schematics available online) ? 


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Hi @Hariprasad Bhat,

The schematic here available on the resource page here was made to work for both the XC3S250E-CP132 and the XC3S100E-CP132.  The XC3S250E-CP132 was a drop in replacement for the XC3S100E-CP132. They are wired the same. The tutorials on the resource page should help with using your Basys 2. Also a lot of the documentation on our learn page for digital design here was made for the Basys 2. 



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