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I'm using Nexys 4 DDR Artix-7. It has USB-UART bridge. I am interested in sending and receiving data between FPGA and Matlab (analog signals). Please explain, how can I connect FPGA to Matlab?


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Hi @cristian_zanetti,

Unfortunately, we do not have experience with matlab. Here is a forum thread that discusses this topic. here is a forum thread where a forum member is trying the Ethernet to communicate to matlab. Here is another thread that talks about the different options for communication to the pc for matlab including a link to a uart controller. I would also reach out to mathworks. I would suggest looking at the FIL wizard here and creating a custom board here



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I've got code that will connect an FPGA UART port to a TCP/IP port if that would help.

In the past, when I've needed to connect one of my designs to MATLAB, I've either ...

  1. Created a mex file to talk to the board
  2. Created my own software that would not only talk to the board, but also command the stdin/stdout of an Octave terminal

In general, though, I use a different interface so that I can talk to my FPGA's via C/C++ programs.


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