SDSoC Voucher on PYNQ or Arty Z7?

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I'm interested in purchasing the voucher for a node locked license of SDSoC.  The description says it's locked to the Zedboard and Zybo.  Is it locked to those particular boards or would the license work for the PYNQ and Arty Z7?

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Hi @bkzshabbaz,

The SDSoC voucher will work with the PYNQ as well as the Arty Z7. The SDSoC Voucher should work with any of ZYNQ development boards made by Digilent. The SDSoc Voucher is no longer sold as a standalone item. You will need to add the SDSoC voucher as an option at the time of purchasing a board that has the SDSoC voucher option available.



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