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Possible additional functionality for Waveforms.

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What I feel would be a really neat addition to Waveforms would be an serial terminal, allowing you to use a pair of the digital signals as TX and RX. It wouldn't have to be anything too feature-rich - just something like the Arduino GUI's serial monitor would be perfect. I would find it quite useful for playing around with DIP microcontrollers, avoiding the hassle of finding my FTDI breakout board, a USB cable and freeing up a USB port.


Also, some way to send I2C commands would be very cool, but I don't know what it would look like.... maybe somewhere where you can type in hex, and use a question mark to indicate a read.

 > 47 34 00 00
 > 46 34  ? ? 
 00 00



PS. The Waveforms 3 beta is running really well on my Cubieboard - no need for a PC on my bench!

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"Also, some way to send I2C commands would be very cool ..."

Agreed and seconded. Something like the inverse of the Analyzer's interpreters.

Any reasonable interface that would allow for a spectrum of pre-baked com blocks: e.g. i2c, SPI, i2s, PS2, lv RS232, Jtag, Hitachi HD44780, memory parallel (address+data bus), etc. would be a godsend. I have drawers full of various chips, such as EEPROMS, that would be nice to be able to debug/dump/write from the same prototyping platform. Having this in Waveforms would allow me to do such things from my Electronics Explorer board instead of resorting to custom building a temp MCU project each time.

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