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HS3 doesn't show up in the Device Manager as a USB to serial converter


I've read some previous posts mentioning that the HS3 should show up in the device manager under USB controllers as a USB to serial converter.  For some reason my HS3 doesn't show up anywhere.  Windows doesn't automatically detect it and install the driver for it, etc.  Any suggestions for what might be preventing Windows from doing this?

Update - Bad cable, after cable replacement Windows saw the HS3 and installed the driver correctly.

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Resolved issue.
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Hi @Damon,

I would make sure your standard A to micro-USB cable works for both power and data. One way to check is plug a smart phone that uses this connection into your computer and see if you can get data like pictures off of the phone.  Standard A to micro-USB cables do go bad along with the data part is not always connected on these cables. I have attached a screen shot of my device manager with a JTAG-HS1 plugged in. I also have it being recognized by our adept 2 software as well.




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