Hi ,

while changing the frequency from WaveForms with Analog Discovery 2 the transition between frequencies is not a smooth, it forces the Wavegen to reset the start applying the new requested frequency.


is it possible to have a smooth transition between frequencies for example while using the basic settings on WaveForms can I use the bar to set a new target frequency then the transition from the old running frequency to the new target one is controlled somehow like a small sweep to the new target frequency.



hope that makes sense .....





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Hi Alex,

I know about the Sweep option but here as I'm showing in the picture when ever the frequency bar is moved the Analog Discovery 2 resets and restart generating the new frequency,

and a dead time with no frequency out put will be there every time you change the frequency.

also, I did ask another question here

, if you can help me.


thanks in advance.


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