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MPIDE can't find h files

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I just bought the Chipkit Wi-Fire board and trying to use the DEIPcK examples that are provided on Digilent's website in MPIDE. However, when I try to compile an example program, for example WiFiScan, I get the following error message:


WiFiScan.cpp:55:101: fatal error: MRF24G.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
MRF24G.h is the first h file that the program tries to load. I've included the DEIPcK libraries in the way that is described on this website: http://chipkit.net/started/learn-basics/party-libraries/
Any suggestions?
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Hi c64,


That website does describe the correct way to get any downloaded libraries accessible for MPIDE, and I presume that you included all 5 libraries that came in the deIPck zip file.

Did you make sure to close out and restart MPIDE so that it can find the newly placed files?




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Yes, I created a folder Libraries in my mpide folder. Inside Libraries I placed the unzipped delPck folder, which contains all 5 libraries. I've restarted MPIDE, as well as my computer, and I can access all the examples from the menu, so it seems as if the libraries have been included properly. But I still can't compile, still getting the same error message. If I place the MRF24G.h file in the same folder as the MPIDE project, and change the line to #include "MRF24G.h" (instead of the  <> enclosure signs), the error message now refers to the second h file that is supposed to be included. 

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