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MRF24WG0MA firmware update for WF32


I have had a WF32 for quite a while now and it has always worked well together with the Diligent libraries - an excellent product.  However, I have just tried to run the MPLABX Harmony webserver example and it does not work.  It seems that the version 307 firmware (dated 2012) on my MRF24WG0MA wifi adapter is incompatible with the harmony stack. 

Does anyone know how to update the MRF24WG0MA on a WF32 to version 310, which I believe does work with the Harmony stack?

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I did it once when I was creating the demos in Harmony, but I don't remember all the details at the moment. It seems like there was a separate MPLAB X project (non-Harmony) that I had to adapt to using the WF32's pinout.

I'll track it down and see if I can turn it into a sketch.

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