What is the purpose of the SD card

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It seems that SD card does nothing, because, without Internet connection, OpenScope USB connection to WaveformsLive works regardless is card inserted or no. 


Maybe it works from the browser cache?

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Hey Kabron,

You can store WaveForms Live on the SD card for use when you have no internet connection.  If you launch a browser and navigate to the IP address of the OpenScope MZ it will check if your host (where PC, phone, etc) has an internet connection and then:

  • If your host does have an internet connection the OpenScope MZ will redirect the browser to load WaveForms Live from waveformslive.com.  The load times are much faster from waveformslive.com than from the Open Scope MZ sd card.
  • If your host does not have an internet connection it will load WaveForms Live from SD card on the OpenScope MZ.

If you always have internet access or plan to use the Android / iOS app, you don't need the SD card.

We're also planning to add the ability to log data to the SD card as part of one of our Kickstarted stretch goals.

Let us know if you have any more questions about this.




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