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Arty Z7/Pynq power consumption



On Pg 12 of the Pynq schematic, the following information is mentioned

  1. 1V -> 1.6A
  2. 3.3V -> 2.6A
  3. 1.8V -> 1.8A
  4. 1.5V -> 1.8A

What exactly does this mean?

Is it the maximum current consumption on the respective voltage levels? If yes, how is the current on 1.5V line so high when it is only connected to the DDR section?



Rajat Rao


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Hi @RajatRao,

It is the max current consumption.  The design engineers wanted to make sure there was plenty of head room for the DDR3. I know you can use the TN-41-01: Technical Note Calculating Memory System Power for DDR3 from micron to calculate the current needed for the DDR3 on the board.



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