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Arty Z7-20 hello world / BSP regeneration


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I'm trying to get the Arty Z7-20 board to simply print "hello world" to the SDK terminal. I have the board files installed from GitHub. I made a vivado project with the Zynq PS and a few random IPs. The PS is configured to use UART0 (mio pins 14/15). When I run the hello world example in the SDK, I don't get anything on the COM port and the TX/RX LEDs don't light up. There are 2 COM ports that SDK detects (3 and 4). If I try to connect to 3 it says it's already connected. I'm assuming this is the because it uses COM3 for downloading the program. So I connect to COM4 @ 115200. Any ideas on how to debug this issue?



I was able to get it working---the issue was resolved by deleting and regenerating the BSP in SDK. I've never had to do this before as SDK has done all of the regenerating automatically. Can someone explain a bit why/when it is necessary to regenerate the BSP?

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Typically you will need to regenerate BSP sources when your hardware platform changes. Typically this means whenever you click Export Hardware in Vivado. Creating a BSP or right clicking on one and selecting Regenerate BSP Sources will copy the relevant files from the hardware platform to the BSP. At least for my own use, I prefer that this doesn't happen automatically, as I often work with the lib_src directory in the BSP to edit IP driver files in a way that they won't be automatically updated - erasing my changes. I can certainly see how this can be frustrating though.

So for future reference, usually you don't have to go the full delete -> create new route. The first resort when an issue like this pops up is to regenerate the BSP sources like I mentioned above - assuming you aren't editing drivers.



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