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Nexys 4 DDR


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nac    0

I'm encountering a problem with a Nexys 4 ddr board.

This one is no longer recognized by vivado(xilinx). In fact,  it has unfortunately remained connected to the PC, while I programmed a probe C232HM-DDHSL-0 (FtdiChip).

What can we do to solve it ?


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Hi @nac,

To clarify, the Nexys 4 DDR was fully working with Vivado until you programmed the probe and the Nexys 4 DDR connected as well. After which Vivado does not recognize the Nexys 4 DDR. What does the device manage show in ports and universal serial bus controllers when you have the Nexys 4 DDR connected? I have attached a screen shot of what my device manager looks like with a Nexys 4 DDR connected. Pending your response, this sounds like an issue with the EEPROM. I am tagging the engineer that will be able to assist you with EEPROM issues @Bianca if this is the case. 




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