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How to use Digital I/O pins on Labview


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2 minutes ago, jpeyron said:

Hi @bdpower,

Here is a link to Getting Started with LabVIEW and Analog Discovery 2 which has example code for digital I/O as well as some information about this VI.



Hi Jon,

I actually already looked at that and played with the program, but I am trying to just use GPIO pin 0 as a on off press button. Looking at the Block Diagram of the example VI, I don't think I need the Configure Inputs part of the code, I just need the initialize, configure outputs, and close session. When I tried to put a true false push button to the data in of the write.vi, it gives me an error saying that the source if boolean true/false but the sink is 1D array of boolean true/false. So how do I change this so that I only send high to IO pin 0?

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1 minute ago, jpeyron said:

HI @bdpower,

Unfortunately, I am not very experienced with LabVIEW. I have reached out to one of my co-works that is more experienced with LabVIEW. ( @AustinStanton).



Hey Jon!

Never mind! I figured it out. Turns out I could just convert the true/false Boolean to (0,1) and then convert that to a Boolean array and it works!

Thank you for the help.


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