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Hello. I have a quick question, I am looking for the exact schematic for the "Digilent Spartan-3an Board". The Digilent part number is: PB210-112. I have the Revision D board, but I'd be happy to get anything "-3AN". The -3A board schematic is close, but there are many reference designator differences that make it difficult to follow the design and actual board.

I've scoured the internet, but couldn't find this particular schematic. Can anyone help me locate it?

Thank you, Richard V

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@[email protected],

Nice work. neither Xilinx nor Digilent make it easy to find information about "archived" products. You are correct and I don't have to reinvent the path that got me documentation for the 3A and 3A-DSP boards of the era.

Important technical information still out there on the internet is being "lost" by normal search engines and trawlers.


I'm happy to see that you are pursuing the use of your board....

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UG334 has a 3AN Ref. D, not sure if that is the right board:


btw @[email protected], your link does not work for me...

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Hi @theUltimateSource,

I think Xilinx probably changed their URLs, so I think your first link with the first option is a link to the rev C. Part of the problem is that Digilent helped design the board but we never sold or provided support for the -3A and -3AN versions of this Spartan board; Xilinx will be the point of contact for this board.

Thank you,

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