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410-319 Mounting


I need to mount a “Arty Artix-7 FPGA: Development Board for Makers and Hobbyists”  (SKU:410-319) into an electronics chassis.  The STP file available on your website doesn’t show any thru holes or other mounting provisions.

Is the STP file accurate in that there is no method for positive retention of this board?

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Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, I can't really see how you could put the board in a chassis. It wasn't designed for screws but for rubber feet. Normally, we keep both in mind and we put holes on the board even if it will have rubber feet like the Basys3 has but in the case of Arty this was not done and you have buttons or traces and plans on the corners of the board. Sliding the board into a chassis can't be done ether because on the right part of the board you have some resistances close to the edge. On the left, the USB and Ethernet port will keep you from that. On the upper part the PMODs are preventing that and on the bottom you have some resistors and transistors pretty close to the edge. Maybe fixing it with some plastic clips where you can find open spaces.

I'm sorry we can't help more.

Best regards,


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