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Atlys + ISE 14.7 : HDMI demo problem


Hi all FPGA fans and gurus !

First off : I am a total noob at all those FPGA and electronics things. So please be patient with me :)

Now, for my problem :

I recently got a second hand Atlys Board. My goal is to program it so that it can realtime rotate some hdmi input to its output. The input is a 640x480@60hz signal. The goal is to rotate it and output a 720p@60hz signal (640 pixels fit in 720, with black borders 40 pixels wide each side).

So, as I don't know anything about FPGA programming, I downloaded the following EDK HDMI demo on the Atlys resource page, I thought it would be a good start to understand how hdmi inputs and outputs work with the Atlys board :


To build the project, I'm using ISE 14.7, fresh install (Windows 7).

Actually I can build the project and program the Atlys with it, and even run it. However it seems it doesn't work OK. I looks like there are problem with interrupts, especially with the push buttons on the board.

Wichever button I push, the callback function is never called.

However, I have evidence the program does run. If, for instance, I change the main function to make it draw thing on the screen, it does it. I can also print things in the virtual terminal of the SDK. For instance, if I do a xil_printf at the beginnig of main(), things print in the terminal. However If I put a xil_printf at the beginning of the button handler function, whichever button i press nothing prints ... reason why I think it might be an interrupt problem.

Needless to say that Adept button test is OK.

Other thing : I'm using a fresh ISE 14.7 out-of-the-box install. I don't know if specific add-ons need installing to make Atlys work flawlessly with EDK. I might have missed some things. Especially, on the Atlys Resource page on Digilent's website, there is a zip archive and the following comment : "Atlys board support files for EDK BSB wizard. Supports EDK 13.2 - 14.7 for both AXI and PLB buses." Do I need this ? I don't have a clue about what BSB wizard is... 

I think all has been said =)

Thanks in advance to all helpers !



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Hi @chcollin,

Have you read through the HDMI_Demo_Project pdf and followed the setup and connection process. Also could you take screen shots of what you see in the serial terminal(tera term or putty).



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Hi @jpeyron,

Yes, I followed the setup and connection process described in HDMI_Demo_Project pdf. In XPS I was aked to migrate the project, and did so.

As said, I managed to build the ELF, program the FPGA and run it from SDK.

Some things work (if I had xil_printf calls in main(), they print in the SDK terminal), also i can draw on the screen.

Some others don't. Especially push button interrupts (if I put xil_printf calls int he PushBtnHandler() function, nothing prints whichever button I press).


Also, I don't really understand your request about tera term. Attached is a screenshot of the SDK Terminal connected to Atlys and program running.

As you can see, the program outputs when in main(). However whichever button I press, nothing prints in the terminal (I added a xil_printf at the start of the PushBtnHandler() function. Is this what you requested ? As said, I'm totally noob...


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Many thx @jpeyron, you got it right at first try !

Much respect. This was exactly my problem : copying the lscript.ld from source instead of keeping the one created by SDK.

Now everything works perfectly.

One again, many thanx.


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