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I'm trying to use the Analog Discovery 2 to control a stepper motor driver board. All I need to do is send an output (5V) signal using a DIO. I find the Waveforms 2015 manual to be lacking in terms of documentation for this - it does not explain how to give an output signal. How do I do this? Thanks!


For instance, the reference manual has this sample code:


function doStaticIO(){

print("Running StaticIO script");

StaticIO.Channel0.Mode.text = "IOs";

for(var c = 0; c < 8; c++) {

StaticIO.Channel0.DIO[c].Mode.text = "Switch";


But it is never explained what a Channel is either. What is a Channel and how is it different from DIO1, DIO2, etc.? 

Thank you so much!



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Hi @Michelle

The StaticIO controlled from Script won't provide exact timing.
For stepper motor control it is better to use the Patterns. In case you need to automate, like changing the signal frequency you can do it with the Script tool.


Here you have some posts about the Script and StaticIO if you need it.


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