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Hello everyone!

I'm facing a little problem. I am a PhD student from Moscow, Russia working at the department of Physics in Moscow State University.

I'd like to buy several items from Digilent using Academic program but I ca't find my country in the country list when I try to register an academic account.

What can I do with it?


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Hello @Bianca!
Does this mean that 1) I cannot be authorized for the academic pricing because my university is in Russia or 2) I can get the discount but the order cannot be shipped directly to Russia? The point is that I am currently situated in another country for several months so I don't need the shipping to Russia.

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Hi @dzabakh,

Some of out distributors are qualified to sell with academic discount. You should contact the distributor and see if that is the case. We can sell in Russia, as we have distributors but we can ship directly there. If you are situated in another country were we can ship directly, I believe that is possible. If you gave all the details and the academic account was accepted I suggest you to contact sales directly at [email protected] to give you the exact details of the procedure and you'll see what suits you best.

Best regards,


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