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AD2 FDwfAnalogInTriggerAutoTimeout problems



I'm writing a python object for the AD2 trigger, when I set the autotimeout value with dwf.FDwfAnalogInTriggerAutoTimeoutSet isn't returned with FDwfAnalogInTriggerAutoTimeoutGet. 

My unittest sets autotimeout value to 1.213, get returns 1.25494304. do autotimeout values have to be some subdivided range of values?

    def autotimeout(self):
        v = c_double()
        return v.value
    def autotimeout(self,value):
def test_autotimeout(self):
    self.ad2.trigger.autotimeout = 1.213
    print self.ad2.trigger.autotimeout
    self.assertEqual(1213,int(round(self.ad2.trigger.autotimeout*1000)),"trigger autotimeout incorrect")

All the other trigger variables set and get correctly. 




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Hi @holla2040

The Get functions usually return the actually configured values, like the actual offset of the DAC, the range of the ADC...

The purpose of the AutoTimeout is not about precision. It is settable for up to ~21sec, in 255 steps at ~84ms resolution, more exactly N[1..255] * 2^23/1e8

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