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Linear actuator drivers



I'm a student at the University of Idaho. My team and I are designing a dual axis solar tracking pv panel, it will be used as an educational tool for a class once we are finished. We are using LabVIEW to control the motion (through known solar equations), and LabVIEW to monitor results (the load from the pv panel will go to a power sink to show the V-I characteristics of the panel). The motor controller we will be using is the myRio from national instruments, and the linear actuators will be from Everest Part suppliers, there are two 12v actuators that run around 6.5 amps. I need a driver, I need it to be able to use 10 A or more, and I need it to be compatible with the actuators. Thanks in advance, and I will post some links to other hardware Im using.

myRio Controller:


Linear Actuator:




also we are not planning on using the power supplied from the pv panel to power the tracker, so I will need an option to convert 110 AC to 12V DC, Thanks a ton!


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Hi @mule,

This is an interesting project. Here is the Motor adapter for the NI myRIO. You would need to look into the IC's to see if It would handle the 10 A current needs. 



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