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reading the zybo MAC in the fsbl


I've been working on a project for the Zybo with petalinux tools 2016.4 and I want to use the MAC address in the eprom on the board so that I can easily have multiple boards using the same image.

I found several hopeful posts from which I believed that I understand that I need to edit the hook.c source file used to build the fsbl.

I thought that I found the correct file "<projectname>/components/plnx_workspace/fsbl/src/fsbl_hooks.c" and I modified it to include the necessary lines of code but the command petalinux-built -c fsbl did not create a different image so there was no change - I also built the whole project and nothing changed.

Am I modifying the wrong source file? or perhaps the wrong changes - old and new files are attached.

I am a novice in this arena so sorry if I'm making a very obvious mistake or group of mistakes.






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Hi @nickwh,

I remember I changed my zybo MAC address with the device-tree. In your system.dts (or system-top.dts) you should find "&ǵem0" with local-mac-address = [your address];

If this field is empty I assume you'll get a random MAC address.

Let me know if it works for you !



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Thanks - there are probably several ways to change the MAC in a manualish/code manner: one nice way to do it it is set it in the


this file is normally almost empty with just a single include put if you locate the target of the include and copy the whole define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_S - note the whole define block of code is needed.  Then you can edit the ethaddr= line to whatever you want - it is then set before u-boot brings up the interface so it works for bootp etc.

#include <configs/platform-auto.h>

/* Extra U-Boot Env settings */

"ethaddr=00:0a:35:00:1e:53\0" \


Unfortunately that is not what I want to do - every Zybo has a unique MAC address stored in a serial EPROM and it can be read somewhere in the FSBL - I have a working example from a Petalinux tools 2015.1 Zybo BSP in the prebuilt images but as far as I can tell the source code for the function that achieves this is not included so I can't see how it was done.

Forum member debugasm posted a solution in November 2016 - but I don't understand how to implement it?  The fsbl_hooks.c file was my attempt but this change did nothing so I missed a detail somewhere?

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Yes, your method set MAC address in u-boot.

My method set it directly in linux kernel.

But if you want to read it before boot in EEPROM it is different.

I don't know if you're using uboot-xlnx or directly u-boot, but in u-boot it seems CONFIG_ZYNQ_EEPROM is not set by default.

See http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=blob;f=include/configs/zynq-common.h;h=4b6b08885134125187fb38a82a4e4a983c6483e5;hb=HEAD

and : http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot.git;a=blob;f=include/configs/zynq_zybo.h;h=808967cee331dd78380dc61e60f72c6643ea9e36;hb=HEAD

I never done this before, so what I say are only hypotheses. But I think CONFIG_ZYNQ_EEPROM will allow you to read EEPROM through I2C. Maybe try to define it and recompile ?



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Thanks again - this definitely looks to be on the right track but I can't find a file named zynq-common.h in my project or zynq_zybo.h so I'm still stuck at the same place in my learning curve.

I am booting into petalinux and I can set the MAC in the device tree blob or with an ifconfig command after boot but it would have been nice to not need to make a new image for each board - especially when the hardware exists to do it for me.

Regards Nick

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