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As to your newly bestowed title as "Prolific Poster". Before you go out and buy a few rounds for everyone at the local tavern in celebration you should look at the little + number below where your picture should be. If this site were run by a certain reputation based anti-virus application you and I'd be silently un-installed. Unfortunately, for those having the least knowledge upon which to base the "worthiness" of anyone's statements what's left is very unreliable. That makes those able to present themselves as being an infallible authority as the most believable. The best salesmen are those who believe everything that they say because they give no tells otherwise. So, I have no idea how this particular rating is calculated, or what it implies, but I doubt that it is a service to anyone who might put stock in it. I've got no solution except to say that if you can't do something correctly, then perhaps you shouldn't be doing it... at least as far as providing reputation goes.

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