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FPGA done_LED is not working after flashing the bitstream file in DIGILENT Zybo ... How to make it work?


Hai .,
i had bought DIGILENT Zybo Kit 7000 series Family.
i had flashed the Zynq boot image with the following offset values successfully on Zynq Board via Xilinx SDK (ver: 2016.4)
                     U-image 0x600000
                     dtb file 0xA00000
                     ramdisk 0xA20000
But the FPGA done_led is not working automatically after a power cycle.
on the other hand, if i program the FPGA MANUALLY via Xilinx SDK , it works and kernel image loads successfully from QSPI Flash.
How to Make FPGA done_LED works automatically?
Thanks in Advance..

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I'm pretty sure you need to flash a boot.bin image containing your fsbl.elf and system_wrapper.bit rather than flashing the individual files. The boot.bin file contains a simple header and then the binary file sections so that the FSBL in the Zynq ROM knows what to load and where.



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