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Maksym Galemin

Analog Discovery 2: Different Wavegen DC output on two PCs



I'm using an Analog Discovery 2 board for automated testing and I've noticed a very strange behaviour. Basically, I'm using two Wavegen DC channels for generating DC signals and recently I discovered that for some reason after a couple of days of running automated tests the output DC voltage drifts significantly (~ -25mV @ 400mV signal). After a bit of investigation I've noticed that if I run WaveForms 2015 on my development PC the output voltage is correct, but after disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it to my test server PC the output signal is incorrect. Both my PCs are Windows 10 64-bit, I'm using exactly the same configuration in WaveForms 2015 Wavegen tabs, the board was calibrated using WaveForms on my dev. PC and all the calibration values are the same on both PCs (which is not surprising as these values are stored in board's EEPROM). So it can be reproduced by literally just unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable from one PC to another. Re-calibrating the board on the test PC and rebooting the PC didn't help.

Could you please let me know why two items of the same software behave differently and how can I make sure the board generates expected outputs on all my PCs? Thank you.




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Sorry, my fault, it looks like it was a grounding issue as my HW device was connected to my dev. PC via a USB cable while the AD2 board was connected to another PC and to the device. Thanks.

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