I have attached a PmodMTDS touch screen display to a WF32 using JC of a chipKit PmodUNO Shield. Out of the box Demos 1,2,4,5,6,and 7 work as explained in the software comments in the sketch ino files.  However MtdsDemo3 repeadedly reports "mtds.begin() failed".  After changing line 128 from  fStat = mtds.begin(pinMtdsSelStd, 12000000); to fStat = mtds.begin(pinMtdsSelStd, frqMtdsSpiDefault);, the sketch runs as expected.  I find that the default SPI bit rate parameter for the PIC32MX and PIC32MZ is set to 3500000 in the library file "mtdsHal.h".  My assumption is that the parameter SPI bit rate of "12000000" is too fast for the PmodMTDS.

None of the these sketches will not compile if using the WiFire (Rev C).

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Hi @Flyline,

I am very sorry for the delay in my response. I was able to confirm an issue with the WI-Fire(all REV's) and we are looking into this issue.  I went through the mtdsDemo's as well as the MyDispDemo's with out issue on the WF32 with jumper JP3 set to PWM. I am using the WF32 REV C with Arduino 1.8.1 and the Digilent Core 1.0.2. What WF32 rev are you using? What version of Arduino are you using? What core/version are you using(chipkit/digilent)?

thank you,


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