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Need Help locating Vref+ pin on the UC32/IO-Shield


I have had these microcontrollers from Digilent for some time but have never needed the Vref+ pin until now. From my understanding, it should be on the ADC or somewhere near it on the PIC32 pins. I have tried looking through the datasheets and have only found that pin42 on the UC32/IO-shield is the correct pin for the Vref+. I also tried calling and had recieved no help there. 


Can anyone help me locate the Vref+ pin as I am using this as the reference input to the micro-controller.


The board is a PIC32MX340f512h

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Hi pinnocfa32,


The forum is the right place to go to get answers for Digilent products. 


As for the Vref+ pin, it is on pin 42 as you mentioned. Looking at the silk screen on your microcontroller, this will be labeled as "A" and is next to digital pin 41. These are both on header J5 as described in the A/D Converter Reference section of the reference manual for the uC32 (pg 10). Note that the maximum voltage that can be applied to this pin is 3.3V, as limited by the ADC that is built into the PIC32 processor.


You can check out a photo of where this is located on the uC32 from our image galleries https://forum.digilentinc.com/gallery/image/20-uc32-analog-ref/

 That pin is located in the same location on the Basic IO Shield as well.


Let me know if you have any more questions.




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