TFT PMOD LCD displaying video

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Hi, I have been working on a PMOD TFT LCD that can be used to play video directly from the FPGA using only two PMODs.


I designed the hardware a couple of years ago but recently I had to do a project where I needed to use the Vivado block diagram interface. I thought it was pretty cool how fast it was to put a design together so I went about making an IP Core that controlled the PMOD.

It has an AXI Lite interface used to initialize the LCD and then a AXI Stream interface that can be connected directly to a VDMA core. I ended up making three different demos including the following:

  • Using the Microblaze to write directly to the screen.
  • I wrote another core that behaves like a console output that will write directly to the screen for you so the MCU doesn't need to write the console stuff to the screen.
  • I streamed video. Unfortunately this was harder than I expected and had to use the Pynq board instead.


Here's a video of it working.



I wrote a project page on with more details


I was thinking of trying to sell the boards but I didn't know if there would be any interest.



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