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Analog Discovery cannot be recognized by Waveforms software


My Laptop Operating System is Windows 10 in Chinese Version, I have downloaded waveforms software, I have connected the Analog Discovery. My laptop could detect USB Serial Converter, but the Waveforms software cannot recognize it. Showing the messages as follows:

Device opening failed DptilO failed ERC:0x7 Devive configuration failed(PLL 3)

Communication with the device failed. Please check the USB cable connection. For further troubleshooting consult the Help. Communication with the device failed

How could I fix this problem???

Thanks a lot !


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Hi @Amanda,

Welcome to the forums! Here is a forum thread that deals with this specific issue. You should follow the last post on the thread from Attila and Try using another USB cable, laptop plug, powered USB hub or 5V DC supply for AD2. If that does not work follow the thread for trouble shooting the Analog Discovery.



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