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What do I have from the NetFPGA 1G CML out of the box

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HI Alex,  Here is an unboxing video that was made to show what comes in the NetFPGA 1GCML kit :

    We developed this board in collaboration with Stanford University, CML, Cambridge and XUP ( a few others)--- all of these members make up the netfpga.org community.  It's on that site that there may be a great deal more resources.  http://netfpga.org/main.html     Hope that helps!
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Hi Larissa, thanks for the information. It looks like I can't see the embedded video. And I find out the reference design link at the webpage https://github.com/cmlab/netfpga-1g-cml/wiki. It looks like user need to register to get the files. Will the NetFPGA 1G-CML be listed in the netFPGA.org soon? Is it the replacement board for NetFPGA? It looks like the NetFPGA is going to be obsolete.  Please Note: The original 1G NetFPGA is a legacy product and is no longer supported by Xilinx's newer tool sets. As a result we will no longer be producing the board, and once current stock is depleted there will be no more. 

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