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Import chipKIT Project plugin?

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I want to debug my Arduino sketch using MPLAB-X (ver 3.61) and after running into a dead end with loading the ELF file, I decided to try my hand at importing the sketch using the MPLAB plugin - "chipKIT Import Plugin (ver 1.0.4) Note: I am using the Digilent Core with the Wi-FIRE board (rev C), not the chipKIT core from chipkit.net. Attached are two screenshots. The first is the Plugin description and the second is the Project setup box. With respect to the latter, I'm encountering two problems: (1) It doesn't like my Core location, even though that is the folder where platform.txt is located; and (2) my target board pull down list is empty, although it's possible this problem would go away if (1) was solved.


Any thoughts?



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That is correct. The plugin was designed with the chipKIT-core in mind, and when it checks the platform.txt file, it is looking for the line "name=chipkit".

Changing it in the Digilent core is not sufficient, however. I've found that running the plugin that way results in a Java exception, probably connected to the name of the board being different "chipKIT WiFire(Rev C)" vs. "chipKIT WiFire". The plugin takes the name and matches it with the bootloader, so you don't have to manually add it to the project.

Will the sketch compile with the chipKIT-core? If so, it might be easier to try it that way, bring it into MPLAB X, and then replace the library files with the ones from the Digilent core, if that is the important part.


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Hi @jfrenzel,

I have not used mplabx in this way so i do not have any experience with this. I tried to do this and got to the same spot as you(attached a screen shot below). The only thing i can thing is that this plugin states that you need to be using the chipKIT core? I will reach out Tuesday to a more experienced engineer to see if they have anything further to add to this.




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