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AnalogDiscovery Waveforms 2015 Network Analyzer


Hi - I've been playing with the different options on the Network Analyzer and had a question:

  • Selecting dB gives an output G = 20*log(VCh2/VCh1)
  • Selecting Gain gives an output G= VCh2/VCh1

Why is peak and RMS both referenced back to Vsource?

  • PEAK gives an output  G = VCh2/(VCh1/Vsource)
  • RMS gives an output  (rms) G(rms) = VCh2/(VCh1/Vsource)



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Hi @mkj

Having the Channel 1 used as reference (default checked under ch1 settings) characterises your circuit by eliminating the attenuation on Wavegen/Vsource:
G1 (of Ch1) = VCh1/Vsource, G# (of other channels) = Ch#/Ch1, GdB = 20*log(G)
Vpeak1 (of Ch1) = VCh1, Vpeak# (of other channels is compensated) = Ch# / G1

When "Use as Reference" is unchecked you get for all channels:
G# = VCh#/Vsource,
Vpeak# = VCh#

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