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Which core is "best"?

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I am trying to come up to speed on the Wi-FIRE board and noticed that there is are two examples under the DSPI library that is included as part of the ChipKIT core hosted on the github site compared to the Digilent Core that is referenced on this page: https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/software/tutorials/digilent-core-install/start

Is there a particular reason why the DSPI_Demo sketch was not included in the Digilent core, but is part of the ChipKIT core. (Also makes me wonder what other differences may be lurking, left to be discovered.)

It would appear that the two cores have not been kept "in sync". To make things even more confusing, there is also a Digilent core on GitHub!


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Hi @jfrenzel,

"Best" is subjective. The Digilent core is focused on being stable and is not community based. The ChipKIT core is community based and more of a moving target. I did more research and the examples that used the sd card in the digilent core will use the hardware(SPI3). I have included a screen shot of the area I am talking about. 




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