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FMC-HMI Vertical Lines



I ran this code: https://reference.digilentinc.com/fmc_hmi/fmc_hmi

to see the demo for the FMC-HMI screen which I need to integrate in my project, the problem is that I cant display vertical lines.

I tried to add this line too:         blue_reg        <= x"FF" when VCnt > V_800_480p_AV/2 and VCnt < V_800_480p_AV/2+2 else x"00"; but the vertical line doesnt show :(

I would be glad if someone can rescue me!

thx in advance 


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EDIT: My solution doesn't work, it worked for the wrong reasons.



I solved the problem.

The solution is to connect vertical sync signal in the constraints file to pin D22 instead of pin D21. (This solution is valid specifically for the Zedboard Rev C)

Maybe you should update the file I linked to.

Thanks anyway,


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The title has been edited as appropriate. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the FMC to give any useful feedback though.

And quoting @RisinT96, where did you add the line of code that you were originally attempting to add (even though it apparently didn't solve what you were seeing)? Also what does the display show when you run the project?


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