Optional warning before deleting data in Waveforms2015 scope and logger

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Just a suggestion: Give the users a preference setting to enable warnings when an action is about to delete/reset data in the scope or logger windows.

E.G. I want to use the logger to record a DC voltage over a very long time (hours). If I change certain settings like the time/division the plot is reset automatically with no warning and the data I have been recording is lost. I would like to be able to save that data before it is lost. A dialog that warns that data is about to be lost and gives the user the option of exporting it would be very useful.

I know it could be annoying in many cases to have that pop up every time a setting is changed, so making it an optional preference would allow users to turn it off if they prefer.

Thanks for listening!


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Hi @techgineer

For long acquisition in scope you can use the Record mode which allows capturing more samples at lower rate and it won't let you to restart the acquisition by mistake.

You return to earlier missed acquisitions using the buffer. The scan screen-shift acquisitions are added here on restart.
To see this buffer option, first select the advanced options with the arrow in top right edge.


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