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GPS Receiver

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I used the Nexys2's EPP-like parallel interface on my latest (not all that much) FPGA related project - a software GPS receiver.

The FPGA was used to capture the raw one-bit samples form a GPS receiver front end at 5,456 MB/s for 200 seconds, without dropping a single bit. I miss the ease of use and the high bandwidth of the old EPP interface... 

The FPGA code and the C source to read data from it is at


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I think that we like to read the same stuff... In particular Andrew Holme's Homemade GPS Receiver is a really interesting project.

One thing missing from your projects, especially on your wiki site, is a description of what hardware you are using and how it's all connected. So what's the "GPS receiver front end" referring to?

As always I like all of your posts so thanks


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