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Using Analog Shield with UNO32


I am posting a support question to help help drive the AnalogShield knowledge base on the forum.
"I purchased 2 Analog Shields and 2 Chipkit UNO32 boards and am trying to use them together. 
The web page for the Analog Shield is misleading and implies that the Analog Shield is compatible with the the Chipkit Uno32. 
However I cannot get the Analog Shield library to compile in MPIDE. There is a compile error that sates something like "the library contains AVR specific code and will not work on the the UNO32" or something like that. 
What's the deal? How do I get the Analog Shield to work with the Chipkit Uno32?"
We are updating the product page to be easier to use but until then I can help you with support problem.
Can you be more specific on what demo you are running?
Also, the latest version of the library can be found here: https://github.com/mwingerson/analogShield
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