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Antenna for PmodGPS


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If you look at the schematic, you'll see a single wire (EXANT) headed to the antenna. Well ... that plus ground.   Hence, all of the antenna work is being done within the integrated GPS chip.

The documentation for the PModGPS discusses the need for an SMA header that would need to be soldered to your board.

The GPS chipset documentation describes the type of antenna you would need to attach there (p17).  You may need some length of 50Ohm RF cable between the antenna and the chipset, and I might recommend you get an active antenna--so as to power a pre-amp at the other end of the cable.  (The chipset documentation specifically comments on how the chip can detect an active antenna, so either should work ...)

However, while I have the PModGPS, and while I've managed to do some really cool things with it (Ex. getting <100ns internal timing resolution internal to an FPGA), I've never tried the external antenna--so I can't tell you how well (or poorly) it will work.  Perhaps a Digilent engineer has tested it and can comment on its performance.  (I'm not Digilent, sorry ...)





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