I recently bought a board Zybo Zynq-7000 manufactured by your company and contains the Xilinx XC7Z010-1CLG400C chip. However, when I tried to get the free version of the Vivado to operate my board, I received the following message: "Failed Export Compliance Verification". I am now stuck with my board and cannot make any use of it.

I am living in Egypt and there was no restriction whatsoever getting the board, so how come I am not able to get the necessary software to use it.

Please advise.

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Unfortunately, Digilent does not maintain or create the Vivado software by Xilinx. After taking a look at this Xilinx Forum thread which it looked you had already posted on, it appears that there isn't anything that Xilinx can do to change this due to U.S. export regulations. You should be able to issue an RMA request with whomever you purchased the Zybo from (either Digilent or a distributor).

From my understanding, to start an RMA with Digilent, you will need to email the Digilent sales department at sales @ and provide them your name, your order number, when you purchased it, and a description of why you are returning it (in this case, because the Xilinx software is not available in your country).

I'm sorry I could not be of more help.


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