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(PmodACL2) warnings messages in vivado


I connected an PmodACL2 to JB pmod connector in vivado and created  new clock in the zynq (100Mhz) then I connected it to the SCLK in the PmodACL2 , but it apears that there are some problems , these are the warnings at the Tcl console  (the bitstream is generated but I want to know if these will cause a problem later) :



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Hi @plazma33,

I know that we have made some changes to the pmod bridge in the recent past so I downloaded the most recent vivado-library and board_files from out github here. I then went to the repo folder in the linux_bd project and replaced the older folders with the newer ones. I just finished generating a bitstream without issues. I added the PmodACL2 to the Pmod port JB. I have attached my project. 




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