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Newbie Questions Measuring THD & Balanced Audio


Hi Guys,

im realatively new to electronics and even newer to measurements! I've just got my discovery 2 and was hoping someone might be able to guide me with some general question and tips.

Sorry if my questions sound stupid in advance very new!!! :(

Firstly, measuring balanced connections? I know what's required to measure single ended audio connections but trying to work out how best to measure seeing have inverting and non inverting connections plus gnd?

Can anyone provide some guidance on how to go about this? Assume I know nothing when it comes to oscilloscope and waveforms!! :)


secondly, measuring THD of an audio circuit has anyone got any tips of how best to measure, configure and calculate, using waveform?

i assume it's something around using spectrum analyzer with test tone and looking at the harmonic against the fundamental, but some guidance on how to configure, measure and calculate would be awesome!


lastly, what should be the expected noisefloor of the discovery be inheritly? -80ish db??


any guidance would be appreciated 


thanks guys :) 




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Hi @hyped,

Welcome to the forum. Your thread is in the correct section to get the most experienced feedback for your question.I have tagged the most experienced engineer for your question( @attila ).

thank you,


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