I'm glad that this forum conentrates on technical problem solving .
PROJECT: To control the stepper motor (x and y axis) through a website ,using ethernet shield and arduino uno.
Ps :Esp8266 cannot be used.
I'm following the attached code to which will take the Ip adress(line 29) and server address(line 26) and connect to the following website created by php and my sql(line 61). Created by Tom Igoe, based on work by Adrian McEwen.
The code must connect first and then it directs us to the website provided.But in my case it is not connecting . I vant attach the serial monitor status image(more than 1.95MB) 
What have i done ?  
I have connected the ethernet shield to router wire of college (having two step authentication , with password and all***) .The ethernet shield I have got doesnt have a mac (meadia access control) address on it (i verified with the shopkeeper , even he told it wasnt provided to him either )..
When surfed on internet , i found out that only new ethernet shields have mac address , so i connected the ethernet to my PC and obtained the physical address ( added 0X in front of it to make it hexadecimal ) and added it in the code.
The website added in the code is php based , but I want to add a html with 4 buttons ,indicating motor1 - clockwise ,anticlockwise and
                            motor2 - clockwise , anticlockwise .acn i add this html ( starting from <html to <!html> in the code itself?and get that page as sson as ethernet is connected?
After connecting , the website must open and based on our inputs of the button we press ,stepper motor code must be cascaded in the ethernet code , so it works well. (code regarding stepper motor and html isnt written yet).
Do go through the message , I will send anymore supporting pics or will tell you about it ,so that you can unserstand the scenario and debug it right. Hope you see this message soon and help me right,
 Thank you :)
***Is that ethernet doesnt take a router with 2 step verification or the code can be modified so that use rid and password can be added , so that it will be connected ?


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Here is a tutorial on Instructables using the ethernet shield and the arduino uno that looks to be able to help with connecting the ethernet shield. Here is an Instructable that does something similar but with a wf32 and using MPIDE. Some of the code should be usable by you to get pin information and use it to drive the stepper motor.



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I think what you are wondering is what is wrong with your design.  To answer that question, you really need to use wireshark for debugging it.  That will allow you to look at and inspect the packets that are crossing the wire, so that you can see if they are properly formed or not.  Indeed, that will also allow you to figure out whether or not it is the fault of the computer you are transmitting from, or the fault of the one you are transmitting to, and what part of the packet(s) are actually at fault.


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