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Analog Discovery / Analog Discovery 2 Compatible Connector


I want to create a little circuit to connect straight to the analog discovery 2 using an analog multiplexer and some of the digital outputs to enable lower sample rate measurement of multiple channels. Would there be a part number for a suitable mating connector for the inputs and outputs of the analog discovery/analog discovery 2?

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Hi @InterestedTom,

I don't have an IDC connector on me to confirm this, but I'm thinking the nubs on the sides (presuming we're thinking about the same standard connector) will not let it fit nicely; the Analog Discovery pins are pretty tight fitting with regards to the 100 mill spacing. @attila may have a better informed opinion on this though.


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This connector will work with minor trimming of the polarization key



For the life of me I'm not sure why I added the switch to swap the load and resistor being first in the circuit... In hind sight overly complicated, but should be handy for the impedance function


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Adding one comment , if you only need short leads ( less than 12 inches)  , you can buy premade jumpers in any combination of male/female ends.

They are easy to remove the plastic housing so that you can re insert into the multipin Dgilent connector or any combo connector you want

About 100 time faster and better job than stripping and crimping yourself by hand

Can also get them in a rainbow colored ribbon cable or separable zip ribbon

Amazon again has a lot of them , cheap.

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On 10/1/2017 at 4:23 AM, Jon Frey said:

Digikey 609-3540-ND =Amphenol 65846

The tab is .062 wide instead of .130 on above unit

Haven't ordered them yet, so not tested

You have to have the pins/sockets and crimp tool

Amazon has best deals  ( Chinese) on those , look for "Dupont Connector"


For anyone reading this forum, this connector very likely will not work. The housing dimensions and polarising pin dimensions are all correct. But, the housing does not fit standard Dupont style crimps - you probably need the special amphenol ICC style ones, along with (I'm guessing) an obscenely expensive tool to crimp them properly.

For such a simple part, the 2x15 connector seems extraordinarly difficult to find. It would be much appreciated if Digilent could simply provide a part number for the actual connector that they use on their standard 2x15 flywire set (or even sell it on their online store).  It would save people an awful lot of messing around.

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