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data read write to flash



I am using virtex 5 LX50T. I am developing some code in xilinx ise design suite. first i was storing some data in ddr2 but now i want to use flash to store some data as it stores data permanently. however only material i could find  on the internet is related to EDK and microblaze. can you recommend me some link from where i can see how to store data within flash. Also, in virtex 5 reference manual, following line is written

" A reference design on the Digilent website provides an example of driving the Flash memory "

however i could not find a design on the website.

Thankx in advance :)

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Some time ago, I put together a flash controller.  It's posted on OpenCores.  You can find a design for the CMod-S6 that uses it on GitHub, together with host C++ code that interacts with it in the sw/host directory.


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