With the Analog shield mounted on an Arduino Leonardo, I'm seeing a zero error at each of the analog inputs with a zero voltage input or the Arduino's Ground connected to the analog pin. Using the signed read in non-differential mode, the A0 input reads -65 counts, A1 input reads -75, A2 input reads 85 and A3 reads -65. Is there any adjustment that I can make to the board to reduce this zero error? 

This zero error persists even when I switch from powering the board through the USB to a wall wart power supply. 


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Hi @energyzappa,

The Analog shield was made to work with the Adruino UNO and the ChipKit UNO32 and UC32. The Arduino Leonard is an ATmega32u4 where the Arduino UNO is a ATmega328P and the uc32 is a Microchip PIC32MX340F512H and the UNO32 is a Microchip PIC32MX320F128H. You would need to add support for the ATmega32u in the analogShield.cpp and AnalogShield.h to use the librarys that are provided. Unfortunately, I do not have an Arduino Leonardo so i would not be able to trouble shoot your specific issue. I do know that it works as described on the uno,uno32 and uc32.

thank you,


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