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Zybo SD read an write SDSoC


Hello everyone!

Someone knows how read and write files in the SD card from Standalone application in SDSoC?

I think that I have to set up the option in the BSP but i am not secure, and i don't know how do this.


Thanks for your time,


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Hello RaulRB

Depending on your data write speed requirements you can choose between several commercial ($$) solutions and free Xilinx one. The Xilinx one is surprisingly simple but it is limited in speed by around 10 MB/s in my tests.

All the necessary software is located in the folder SDK/2016.4/embeddedsw. The SD card driver is located in the XilinxProcessorIPlib/drivers/sdps. It will be automatically added when you add library xilffs in the SDK's BSP settings.

The demo application is located in the folder lib/sw_services/xilffs. This app worked without any issues on Zybo board with microSD card and I am sure would work on other dev boards.

It is important to select (activate) SD0 on the Zynq7 Peripheral I/O Pins and make sure that EMIO 40-45 and 47 are activated (green). Nothing else is needed in Vivado since all hardware is on the chip.

The documentation has a link to the file system description. Important to note that it is compatible with FAT32 and can be easily read under any OS. For achieving higher speed it is recommended to format the card using block aligned option and using a buffer larger or equal to 32kB block.

Good luck!

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